Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I am excited to welcome you to the blog! I am Autistic and have ADHD. I am passionate about finding ways to work -with- my brain instead of against it. I love to cook, craft, and create.

Struggling to stay organized and on top of day to day tasks and basic hygiene care that others seem to find everyday and simple?

Standing in the kitchen crying and berating yourself over yet another meal that went awry due to getting distracted and either missing an ingredient or forgetting to turn on the oven?

Wondering if you’ll ever be able to curb your impulse spending habit that continually leads to debt and hopelessness?

Stuck in an endless cycle of dopamine seeking, with a new hobby or special interest every day, week, or month?

Thinking to yourself that maybe you’re broken because you just can’t seem to remember anything and are constantly losing things?

I’ve been there. It’s no fun at all. There is no one thing that can solve all your struggles. But, there are many ways of ‘hacking’ your neurodivergent mind. And there are some mindset shifts that can help you overcome the negative self talk.

I hope you will join me on my journey to discover and create better ways for all of us to live a happy life. I want to create this space for us to be fully ourselves and to thrive in a world that isn’t always designed for our unique minds.

In the four sections of my blog, I will share my processes, structures, and knowledge. Because I am Autistic and have ADHD, those will be two of the main sections of my blog. I also am going to have a Recipes section and a section on Pregnancy/Parenting.

All four sections will tie in with neurodiversity because that is a core part of who I am. Everything I do and experience is through the lens of my neurodiverse brain.

Because of genetics, it is likely that some (or all) of my children will inherit a neurodiverse brain. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. On the contrary, I am excited to learn from my child(ren) and advocate for them as they grow up. I am currently pregnant with our first child.

That is why I am going to include the pregnancy and parenting section. I also know that there were several unique stresses and worries I had going into being pregnant and parenting that specifically relate to my AuDHD (AuDHD stands for a person who is Autistic and also has ADHD).

I love to cook, but I have had to learn some work-arounds and added steps to make cooking (and my kitchen) more accessible to me. I truly believe that “anyone can cook” – Auguste Gusteau in Ratatouille. It may take some practice. It may look unconventional. But you can do it!

Each recipe I share will need varying levels of ‘spoons’, but I will always share every single step of the recipe in great detail so that you don’t have to worry about anything being assumed knowledge. I really hate when a recipe assumes I know something, that I don’t know.

Did you know that the first time I tried to make tacos, I did not drain the ground beef after browning it? Why you ask? Because, the recipe didn't specify that the beef needed to be drained. And I am notorious for following recipes down to the letter. I completely ruined the recipe and the tacos were inedible. XD

All that to say, welcome! I’m glad you are here. Pull up a chair, sit on the floor, cross your legs, whatever you need to do to make yourself feel at home and comfortable. There’s a basket of fidget toys on the coffee table and no overhead lights to hurt your eyes. I can’t wait to get to know you more and swap stories.